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The Guardian: ‘Half of Australian managers have never hired a person with disability’
July 18, 2022

Luke Henriques-Gomes, social affairs and inequality editor

YouGov poll indicates nearly one in 10 HR professionals were not open to recruiting a person with disability in the future.

Half of Australian managers and human resources professionals say their organisation has never hired a person with disability and nearly one in 10 admit they wouldn’t want to in the future, according to a new survey.

The YouGov survey of 501 Australian middle managers and HR professionals also found dissatisfaction with the $1bn-a-year disability employment services program (Des), which pays private providers to place jobseekers into work.

The survey, commissioned by the social enterprise Jigsaw, comes as the Albanese government urges businesses ahead of its upcoming jobs summit to employ people with disability to meet labour force shortages.

The survey found 50% of Australian managers/HR professionals said they or their business have never hired or worked with a person with disability.



Read the full article here on The Guardian website, or click below to read a PDF.