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Disability is ripe for innovation – so why isn’t there more?
April 8, 2022

Laura O’Reilly, co-founder of the Fighting Chance Group and Hireup, gave the keynote speech at Tuesday’s Australian Disability Service Conference in Sydney, speaking about how we must rethink the traditional models of disability services, in order to create true, unbridled opportunity for people with disability.

“For me, innovation and social entrepreneurship are concepts about which I am deeply passionate, and I believe that the future of our sector lies in rethinking the traditional approaches I saw under-serve my brother. And while there are undoubtedly pockets of interesting innovation across the disability service landscape, my experience has been that this is not the norm. I think that at this stage in the rollout of the NDIS, it should be,” Laura said.

So what is it that we need to do to invite more creativity and innovation into the disability sector and rethink traditional service models?

Read more of Laura’s speech by clicking on the link below: