Jigsaw is a social enterprise of Fighting Chance that provides digitisation services to corporate and government clients.

We use the commercial activity of the Jigsaw business to provide three supports for people with disability; Jigsaw Learning, Outsourcing and Temps.

Jigsaw Learning

Jigsaw Learning provides practical training, skill development and work experience for people with disability, focused on work-readiness. The training is tailored to individual’s needs and is available to people with and without funding. People with an NDIS package can use their ‘Finding and Keeping a Job’ and ‘School Leavers Employment Support’ (SLES) funding.

Jigsaw Outsourcing

Jigsaw Outsourcing provides employment to people with disability, paid at Award wage. Our business harnesses the skills of a diverse and unique workforce to deliver digitisation services to corporate and government clients. Our team delivers quality results that win Jigsaw large commercial contracts.

Jigsaw Temps

Jigsaw Temps places skilled, confident employees into mainstream roles within corporate and government organisations. For Jigsaw this represents the final piece of our model, and for the individual it represents the beginning of their career.

Jigsaw, as a social enterprise of Fighting Chance, is a registered NDIS Service Provider located in Frenchs Forest.

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