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Fighting Chance Annual Golf Day 2022 Raises $14,500
October 5, 2022

Long time Fighting Chance supporters, Neville Hedge and Ross Paterson have held a very successful golf day to raise funds for Fighting Chance for the last 7 years. Here are their highlights from the 2022 event. Thanks Nev and Ross for your invaluable support.

By organisers Neville Hedge & Ross Paterson

This year’s 7th Fighting Chance Annual Charity Golf Event was held at The Glades Gold Coast on Friday, 9th September and raised $14,500!

We were lucky to finish the event… One hundred and forty players lined up in their carts, ready to get out on the course for the ‘shotgun’ start; the starter said ‘go,’ and down came the rain! Nevertheless, all players except for two teams completed the course, and while we managed with intermittent rain throughout the day, we finished with sunshine.

We were pleased to have all holes sponsored, with at least half the tee boxes conducting some fun to keep everyone entertained and interested. The $20,000 “Hole in One” prize on the 13th did not go off, despite most golfers donating $10 to have a go.

On the 17th par 3 – Ilani, our lovely golf professional, played some great shots for any team who donated $20. One of her shots, however, did win the $200 ‘nearest the pin’ prize for her team.

It was great to have Jigsaw CEO Paul Brown join us. At the presentation, Paul gave an overview of Fighting Chance: they now have five enterprises across 14 locations in four states, which impact the lives of nearly 1500 people with disability! They are a true leader in the Australian disability sector, and we are so proud to support their incredible work.

Ashleigh Rose Powell, entrepreneur and artist at Avenue Frenchs Forest was our guest of honour, with her parents Tim and Chimene helping out. Special thanks to Pete and Bec Ebborn for their usual support.

Tony and Michelle Davis from Anchor Building Services are not newcomers when it comes to helping out with Fighting Chance – they were again our major sponsors, and whilst they enjoyed participating – they received a thorough drenching as well! 

Group of supporters stand outside golf club for Fighting Chance fundraising day