PACE – new system to manage your NDIS plan

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is rolling out a new system that will manage your NDIS plan. The new system is called PACE.

Below, you will find important information to help you navigate this transition. If you have any further questions about these changes you can phone the Fighting Chance NDIS My Provider Endorsement HelpDesk on 02 9904 0415 or email with the subject “NDIS MyProvider Endorsement Help”. Amy Dubois, our Office Manager, will respond to any questions they may have.

What is PACE?

PACE is the new NDIS customer relationship management (CRM) system. It is an online portal that helps the NDIA and providers exchange information.

Eventually, all NDIS plans will live and be managed in PACE. PACE will not fundamentally change the way the NDIS operates, but it will change some of the back-end operations of providers.

The implementation of PACE is part of the NDIA’s commitment to “improve the end-to-end process for participants and providers”.

As PACE rolls out, Fighting Chance or one of its services may contact you more regularly to discuss your plan, funding and supports. This is to support the transition of your plan to PACE, ensure continuity of services, and also to help you understand the changes.

When will PACE be rolled out?

The NDIA will introduce this new system through a staggered rollout, starting from 30 October 2023. While all participants’ plans will eventually transition over to the new system, the NDIA estimates that the full transition to the new system will take 18 months.

See below for how they plan to stagger this rollout.

From 30 October, participants receiving an NDIS plan for the first time will have their plan built in PACE.

From 30 October, any existing participant who has an identified change of circumstance or support needs will have their plan reassessment completed in PACE.

Between November 2023 and late February 2024, any participant who has a plan that expires will be contacted by the NDIS National Contact Centre, and either:

  • If no change is required, their plan will be ‘rolled over’ and then be transitioned to a PACE plan at the expiry of the rollover period (or sooner, if a change of circumstances arises).
  • If changes are required to their plan, a new plan will be built in PACE.
  • From the end of February 2024, all expiring plans will progressively transition into a plan built in PACE.

What is the new 'my NDIS' participant portal and app?

A new portal called the ‘My NDIS Participant Portal’ has been created and the ‘My NDIS App’ has been updated to support participants with new plans developed in PACE.

Easy English information and new participant journey map is available on the NDIS PACE website.

How will PACE change service bookings for Agency and Plan Managed plans?

From 30 October, participants who have transitioned to PACE will notice that their Providers won’t have service bookings anymore.

Because of this, Fighting Chance may periodically ask you for additional plan information, like plan start and end dates, category budgets and funds remaining, to help us set up a Schedules of Support and to help us guarantee that we can provide continuity of support.

If you have a Plan Manager, Fighting Chance may also ask you for additional consent for them to share plan and budget information with us. You may also notice changes to any Schedules of Support and Service Agreements you receive from us after 30 October.

Please be aware that no matter if your plan is Agency-managed, Plan-managed, or Self-managed you may start to receive more communication from the NDIA regarding this new system, particularly when your plan is due to expire.

What important change do I need to make in PACE if I have an Agency-managed plan?

If you have an Agency managed plan, you will need to endorse your service providers as a ‘My Provider’ in PACE.

‘My Providers’ are registered providers that are formally ‘endorsed’ by the participant in their plan. By endorsing a provider as a ‘My Provider’, you are approving them for automatic payment processing.

You will need to record ‘My Providers’ on your NDIS plan when:

  • Some or all of your plan has Agency-managed funding.
  • You have Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), home and living supports (SIL or ILO) and/or behaviour supports in your plan.
  • You have a Plan Manager. Your Plan Manager needs to be recorded as a ‘My Provider’.

It is important to note that, if you do not endorse a provider, every single time they make a claim for providing services you will receive a text message from the NDIA to approve and facilitate payment to the provider.

How do I endorse Fighting Chance as a ‘My Provider’ (for Agency-managed plans only)?

  • You must have this information at hand to endorse us:
    • Legal Name of business: Fighting Chance Australia Ltd
    • NDIS Provider number: 405 000 3203
  • Endorse us during your planning meeting or reassessment: Take a full list of the ‘My Provider’ you want to work with, including Fighting Chance, into your first planning meeting or scheduled plan reassessment, and request your planner to endorse us on the spot.
  • Endorse us at any other time by contacting your NDIA contact (planner, LAC or Early Childhood Partner) or the National Contact Centre on 1800 800 110.
  • For those who have a Support Coordinator, you could consider organising a three-way phone call with your NDIA contact (planner, LAC or Early Childhood Partner) or call the National Contact Centre on 1800 800 110, asking them endorse to Fighting Chance while you are on the phone.
  • When you call the National Contact Centre:
    • Hold the line to speak with an operator rather than selecting an option
    • When you are put through to an operator, ask to register a preferred provider on the PACE system and provide your (or the person you’re acting on behalf of) full name and NDIS number
    • Endorse us by telling the operator that you (or the person you’re acting on behalf of) are accessing services with Fighting Chance
    • Request that Fighting Chance is endorsed for the entire plan period
    • Provide Fighting Chance’s organisational details above
    • Provide consent for Fighting Chance to see your plan
    • Request a case number for future reference

What other information should I be aware of if I have an Agency-managed plan?

  • Agency-managed plans must have Fighting Chance listed as a ‘My Provider’, and endorsed, for us to be paid seamlessly – and we’re not able to do this on your behalf.
  • If you don’t do this, you will receive regular communication from the Agency to verify and endorse every single claim Fighting Chance makes for our services.
  • While existing (pre-Oct 30) Fighting Chance service bookings may be pre-filled in PACE as a ‘My Provider’ for some support categories, we still recommend that in your planning meeting or phone call (mentioned above) you ensure you have explicitly endorsed us.
  • You do not need to take action until after October 30 when your NDIS plan is next up for review or; if you’re new to the NDIS, when your first plan is created.

What if I need additional support to endorse Fighting Chance as a MyProvider? (for Agency-managed plans only)

If you have an Agency-managed plan, and need additional support and guidance please phone Fighting Chance’s NDIS My Provider Endorsement HelpDesk on 02 9904 0415 or email with the subject “NDIS MyProvider Endorsement Help” and we can provide information and respond to any questions you may have.

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