Fighting Chance

Laura and Jordan

For sibling team Laura and Jordan O’Reilly, the origins of Fighting Chance’s work dates back to 2009, to an overnight bus ride through the snowy French Alps.

The pair sat discussing their vision of a better future for their younger brother Shane, who had cerebral palsy. This vision included more opportunities for Shane to participate in his community, to work and to live independently. Today, these remain core preoccupations of the Fighting Chance team.



Laura O’Reilly is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and is currently studying law at the University of New South Wales. Laura is a passionate advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and regularly speaks on the challenges facing people with significant disabilities in Australia. Laura was awarded the 2014 Women’s Weekly Women of the Future Award in recognition of her innovation and leadership of Fighting Chance. Laura is a member of the New South Wales Disability Council which is the official advisor to the NSW Minister for Disabilities. In 2009 Laura was a joint recipient of the Young Carer of the Year Award. Laura is the CEO of Fighting Chance.




Jordan O’Reilly graduated from the University of Sydney in 2012 with a degree in Occupational Therapy. Having spent two years building the foundations of Fighting Chance while also studying for his degree, Jordan transitioned into a full time role after graduation and led the Fighting Chance team in the development of our innovative programs.  In 2009 Jordan was also a joint recipient of the Young Carer of the Year Award. In 2012 Jordan was accepted into the Foundation for Young Australians’ Young Social Pioneer Program and in late 2013 Jordan won the FYA Change Maker of the Year Award.  In late 2014, Jordan took a step back from Fighting Chance to focus on developing his start-up business. As a Director, Jordan remains heavily involved in Fighting Chance.