Fighting Chance

Weekend Avenue Market Program

Fighting Chance runs a weekend market program as part of our social business Avenue, where teams of participants head out to local community markets to sell Avenue products.

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How does the weekend market program work?
Participants in the weekend market program are able to come along to a community market in their area and contribute to the work of selling Avenue’s goods to consumers.

Work of the day includes manning our market stall, interacting with customers, giving information about the products on sale, handling money and keeping on top of the product inventory. Often, participants will be given a specific job to do during their shift which is their sole responsibility.

The weekend market program is ideal for a person seeking a Community Participation, Life Choices, Flexible Respite or similar day-program model, which they can access casually on the weekends.

The weekend market program is open to all. You don’t have to be a Fighting Chance Intern to get involved and the Fighting Chance team are very skilled at matching a person’s particular abilities with a work role. All you need is a desire to get productive on your weekends.

Fighting Chances provides support staff for the duration of the market who are on-hand to provide any necessary support the person needs to fulfill their job.

All profits from the sale of Avenue goods are repaid to our Interns and weekend participants through our dividend program. In this way, the Avenue weekend market is both a purposeful and rewarding way to spend the weekend!

Where and when?
The markets program typically run between 9am and 3pm on Saturdays and/or Sundays, depending on the weather and which markets are running that weekend.

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