Fighting Chance

Internship Program

The Internship Program provides vocational experience, training and skills development opportunities to school leavers and adults with significant disability who would otherwise be excluded from participation in the working world.

The Internship Program was founded on the belief that all Australians have skills and abilities to contribute and that people with disability are no exception if given the appropriate supports.

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The program marries together the following elements to create vocational opportunities for people with significant disabilities:

  • Targeted, work-focused training which identifies and develops the individual’s skills and abilities
  • The opportunity to use these skills towards productive outcomes in our Social Enterprises
  • The care, support and assistive technology needed to allow the individual to be their most productive self.

The program sees people, not disabilities, and is perfect for school leavers who want to work in some way, but don’t know how that will be possible for them. We know that every person, without exception, has a contribution to make, and we create the environment to make that happen.

By bringing together training, opportunities in our social enterprises and a highly supportive environment, the Internship program creates work-focused opportunities for everyone.

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Who is this option for?

This program is ideal for a person seeking a Community Participation, Life Choices or similar day-program model, whose complex needs are a barrier to traditional employment, but who still have a desire to contribute within an employment setting.

At Fighting Chance, we passionately believe that working in a team is important for giving structure, purpose and meaning to the life of any adult. Everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to and belong in a team.

More importantly, the Internship Program is proving that every single person is capable of making a contribution, if they are given the right tailored opportunities in a supported setting.

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How does it work?

People with significant disabilities are able to join this program as an Intern, and get involved in a daily program of work-focused training and skill development, as well as practical work experience in Fighting Chance’s social enterprises, Avenue and Jigsaw.

Every Intern in the program follows an individualised program, which combines training and work tasks in a way that best suits the needs, interests and aspirations of the individual.

The program has a heavy IT focus, and emphasises the development of the individual’s computer literacy in order to equip them for IT-based roles within our social enterprises. The program is suitable for people with physical and intellectual disability, sensory disability and Autism.

The program is highly flexible. Interns are able to come in on a number and assortment of days that fits around their other goals and other activities.

The profits of Fighting Chance’s social enterprises are divided back amongst the entire work force, so each Intern in the program is remunerated for their contribution.

You can download our information sheet on Internships and to find out more about Fighting Chance’s programs please email or call us on (02) 9905 0415.