Fighting Chance
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Our Programs

Fighting Chance’s mission is to create world-class programs that enrich the lives of people with disabilities in Australia.

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At Fighting Chance, we believe that great programs have the power to make the ideals of choice, opportunity and inclusion a daily reality in the lives of people with disabilities.

Our programs support people with disabilities to achieve, to be purposeful, to participate and to contribute. Our programs are flexible, person-centered and responsive, and always aspire to provide levels of support which surpass best practice.

The Work Hub Model

All of Fighting Chance’s programs happen in our work hubs, which are fully adapted, fully accessible  working spaces that offer a welcoming and supportive place for people with disability to build capacity, explore their potential and contribute to a team.

From these work hubs we operate two social enterprises, Avenue and Jigsaw, which share the common goal of creating a range of vocational opportunities for people with disability.

Finally, people with disability are able to access these social enterprises through a number of programs – our internship program for people in the community participation stream, our Transition To Work program for school leavers, or our work experience program for those still in school or at TAFE. We also have open employment opportunities in our social enterprise Jigsaw.

Want to find out more?

Click here if you access a community participation program and are seeking a day program with a vocational focus.

Click here if you are about to leave school and are looking for a TTW program.

Click here if you are a school or TAFE student with disability looking for a short-term work experience placement.