Fighting Chance


We are looking for innovative and creative spirits to plan and run their very own events in support of Fighting Chance and people with disabilities in Australia. It’s all part of a new initiative called the InEvents series, where you get to take the wheel in creating independent, innovative and inspiring one-off events to show your support and raise awareness.

Tell me more about the InEvents series

The InEvent series has been designed to allow you to express your passion for helping others in your own unique way by planning, running and evaluating your very own independent event in support of Fighting Chance. We want to empower you, not only with the tools to throw your own great event, but also with the initiative to start a conversation with people around you who care about disability issues. We want you to stimulate thought and interest in your own community, and to build awareness and understanding around issues facing people with disabilities in Australia.

All InEvents are planned and delivered independently by people just like you. Whether you are an individual with a passion for facing social injustice head on, or part of a community or corporate organisation which wants to contribute toward changing Australia for people with disabilities, we challenge you to take on an InEvent and turn your support into something special. 

All InEvents are independently run but are held in the spirit of the work we do here at Fighting Chance. We encourage all InEvent organizers to run their events according to our simple formula:

Innovative ideas + Inclusive attitudes x Inspirational efforts = Independent Events

What sort of event are we talking about? 

Anything! That’s the beauty of the InEvent series. We want you to tell us about the events you’ve always wanted to host, apply via the InEvent application form and you’ll be on your way to your very own InEvent in no time.

InEvent ideas can be small or large, simple or complex. As long as you’re interested in creating awareness and starting conversations, InEvents are for you.

You could throw an innovative spin on a sausage sizzle at school or Uni, or make Fighting Chance the beneficiary of your next corporate event. As long as you’re raising awareness and promoting inclusive attitudes, you’re doing all right by us. 

Some more ideas: 

* Movie nights – Why not run a big movie night at the local cinema, or get your mates together for a screening of one of the classic disability related films such as:

  • The Music Within
  • The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  • My Left Foot
  • Annie’s Coming Out
  • Inside I’m Dancing

* Music Gig – Whether it’s a local band night or a big gig, why not get Fighting Chance involved as your charity of choice?

* Host a street party – Take over a quiet laneway or even your own street and host a sweet street party to promote community awareness.

* Hold a garage sale, bake sale, sausage sizzle or simply the ol’ lemonade stand – nothing is too big or too small to raise awareness and funds.

* Run a Trivia or Bingo night, or even a lawn bowls day to raise funds and awareness.

Why not make Fighting Chance the beneficiary of your next corporate or social event? Whether it’s a corporate golf day or a community day at your sports club, we want you to think up ways to include Fighting Chance and the special people we represent. 

Success Stories: 

* “Sex and the City” Movie Night 2010 hosted by Fighting Chance’s friend Sue Radford. This event raised $12 000 for Fighting Chance.

* Fujitsu Winter Ball in 2011 – Huge night of great food and dancing which raised $6 000 for Fighting Chance.

* Morrison’s Mercedes Benz Gold Day – coming in May 2012.

Is there any support?

Well of course! The experienced and supremely talented Events team at Fighting Chance has a wealth of experience in running large-scale events. From annual dinners, to community cricket festivals and trivia nights – Support and guidance is just a phone call away.

Where does the money I raise go and what does the awareness achieve?

Fighting Chance is a relatively young organisation and as such, the time and effort you put into planning and running your event will have a huge impact on our cause by raising awareness about our organisation.

More generally, by support an organisation like Fighting Chance with an accessible and inclusive InEvent, you will be contributing to the slow and gradual attitudinal change on a societal level that needs to happen if we are ever going to see true equality and inclusion for people with disabilities in our communities.

Finally, the primary purpose of InEvents should not be to raise funds but if you hold an event that does, you can be sure that 100% of that money will be going directly toward creating life experience opportunities for young, physically disabled Australians right here in Sydney. You will be warmly invited to get involved in that program and see first hand what we do with the money you raise.

Email for more information or to get your InEvents application form.