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What is it like to join Fighting Chance’s Work Experience Program?

Lia Sintras joined Fighting Chance’s Work Experience Program in 2013, and recently transitioned to open employment in our social enterprise Jigsaw. Here, Lia shares her experience of being a Work Experience student with Fighting Chance, and what employment means to her.

“I want you to take yourselves back to school. Imagine throughout your entire school life, you were never able to show what you were really capable of, every opportunity had a barrier and there was no clear pathway to employment.

Well that was me throughout my school life.

When it came to the end of year 10, it was time to shape my future by choosing subjects for the last two years at school. Most subjects that I wanted to choose had barriers or someone there to tell me it wouldn’t be a good idea. This made me feel useless.

When I thought my options were all gone, I found Fighting Chance.

My first day at Fighting Chance was filled with nerves. It was my first time in a work place, I was lacking confidence and I was worried about my abilities to complete the work.

Although I felt nervous it was the first place I was able to show what I was really capable of in a supportive environment.

I spent the next few weeks of work experience completing computer tasks independently, enabling me to learn new skills and build my knowledge and confidence in a working environment.

Coming to the end of my work experience I felt like I could do anything I put my mind too. Although it would be difficult I believed that I now had the confidence and skills to be employed.

It was at this stage Fighting Chance came up to me and offered me my first paid job within Jigsaw. I was so shocked because I did not think I would be employed; however it was my opportunity to put my skills to the test.

My role as administration assistant involves a range of tasks, one of which involved research projects for the renovations of Jigsaw’s new office.

I am enjoying my new role everyday as it gives me more responsibility, more skills and the confidence to be employed for a long period of time.

Without Fighting Chance I would not have the opportunities that I have had and I would not feel confident about employment in the future.”

– Lia Sintras

Posted on September 30, 2015

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  1. Anna Howard says:

    Great story Lia, best wishes for all your future endeavours.


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