Fighting Chance

June 2015

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Help us spread our wings by spreading yours

Fighting Chance’s amazing supporters have cycled, run, rolled and swam to raise money for us. Our next challenge isn’t as physically demanding but you do need to jump out of a plane. In November 2016 Fighting Chance is taking to the skies and you can help us spread our wings by spreading yours by taking part… Read More »


Media release: Fighting Chance Australia expands with new office

Fighting Chance Australia is expanding to establish a new office for our social enterprise, Jigsaw. Jigsaw is a social enterprise that provides socially responsible outsourcing to corporate and government. This commercial activity allows Jigsaw to create immediate, sustainable employment for people with disability, as well as transition opportunities for mainstream employment. Located in the same business… Read More »


Are we allowed to be annoyed?

Just about every other day as I zoom along in my power wheelchair at fairly high speed I have people make light-hearted jabs and gestures like “wow look how fast you can go!”, “good on you – look at you go” or my favourite “broom broom”! (No I’m not kidding…it really happens). The comments are… Read More »


Donation from Caltex Australia

Fighting Chance was a beneficiary of a $10,000 donation from Caltex Australia following a recent successful safety campaign at their Lytton refinery in Brisbane. We were one of a number of organisations to receive a donation which are part of Caltex’s commitment to supporting Australian communities. Fighting Chance was represented on the day by Neville Hedge, a long term supporter… Read More »

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Paper making in Avenue

Over the past year, Fighting Chance interns and work experience students have had the chance to take part in a creative project involving paper-making, paper-art, card-making and designing gift wraps. Working with coordinator Juliette, paper-making has been a great creative exercise building new skills and knowledge for those participating and also contributed in a number of ways… Read More »


Thank you to Aon Hewitt

Fighting Chance is incredibly grateful to the team from Aon Hewitt’s Sydney offices who spent a day volunteering at our new Jigsaw office. The team helped out with painting and helping us prepare for the new office which will open shortly. Aon Hewitt are ongoing supporters of Fighting Chance, and have also contributed their time and efforts at corporate volunteer… Read More »

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Opportunities at Fighting Chance

As our current expansion project approaches completion, Fighting Chance is excited to announce that we have openings available in our programs, from July 2015 onwards. Our programs are designed for people with a disability, who may have low to high support requirements, and we provide any and all necessary care, support or assistive technology to enable individuals to be… Read More »


Upcoming Fighting Chance events

There are loads of Fighting Chance events before the end of the year that you can get involved in. Jigsaw opening On Saturday July 11 we are having an open night at the brand new office for our Jigsaw social enterprise. Come along and see our new space made possible by the money raised during the Tour de… Read More »